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What Our Customers Are Saying

The invitations looks just like I imagined it would. We are all so happy.
Shani, Edison, New Jersey

Thank you for tracing our monogram on the jaggered spots. It looks fabulous!
Rachel, Denver, Colorado

We loved the way you translated our invitation from English to Hebrew.
Shimon, Rhode Island

We can't thank you enough for catching the error of the corresponding Hebrew date and for correcting it.
Mark, Washington, D. C.

These invitations are absolutely gorgeous!
Judy, Boca Raton, Florida

I contacted your company with an imaginery idea and couldn't believe that you could really create it and for an unbelievably low cost, as well.
Shoshana, Ohio

This is Mrs. F. I ordered twice previously with you. We now have another Bar Mitzvah coming up.
Mrs. F., Massachusettes

Not only did you rush our invitations, you kept contstant contact with us, so we could be calm. You shippied them in 24 hours from the time we ordered them! Wow!
Naomi, Lawrence, New York

All our friends told us to go to Print Mall, saying "their wonderful". Now we see why.
Daniel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have just gotten all of my son's Bar Mitzvah invitations ready for mail, and I wanted to let you know how beautiful we think they are. Thank you for doing a great job!
Manny, West Orange, New Jersey

Just calling to let you know how wonderful and efficient you were, I already recommended you to a number of people.
Paul, Miami Beach, Florida

To Everyone at Print Mall,
Thanks so much for the gorgeous invitations and thank you cards. I really appreciate all the hard work and kochoth you put into it. Thanks tons!
Yehuda Tzvi, Spring Valley, New York

As I said in the previous letter, the invitations you have sent me came out lovely and my entire family is exceptionally pleased with the layout. As for me, it is exactly what I wanted. You have implemented the the dream of what I wanted our invitations to look like.
For the moment, I thank you all again, and wish you much success.
L.G. Haifa, Israel

Enclosed please find payment for the balance of my order. Once again I wish to express my appreciation for a job well done. It was a pleasure dealing with you. We look forward to working with you again on future Simchot.
Yochanon, Ohio

Between the samples you sent us, and the comprehensiveness of your website, I felt we had a complete shop-at-home store for our invitations
Sarah, Baltimore, Maryland

I cannot thank you enough for doing this for us. Even though we had to change the information in the last moment you accommodated us without any delay. You made us all very happy. Thank you! Thank you!
Sincerely, E. L., Chicago

We just received our benchers. Everything is beautiful. I want to thank Mr. Olewski for all his help. He was extremely helpful.
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for working with us to create a free monogram that looks like a custom one.
Miriam, Dallas, Texas

It was a pleasure working with your staff
Yehoshua, Illinois

You were amazingly quick
Shaindy, Cedarhurst, New York

Thank you for your quick response to all our email questions. We were making a number of celebrations, here and abroad, in honor of Josh's Bar Mitzvah. You guidance was priceless in helping us put all this together.
Benjamin K., New Jersey

Our invitations just arrived. They are magnificent. We can't wait to send them out and tell everyone our little secret, "that we ordered them online".
Ahuva, Georgia

I just wanted to let you know, I keep getting calls, asking where I ordered these beautiful invitations.
Chaya Sarah, London

You guys have endless patience. I know I asked tons of questions.
Baruch, Lakewood, New Jersey

Thank you for your understanding in rushing our re-order to us. It was just three weeks before our wedding and we realized we needed 25 more sets. We had them in our hands in California in just two days!
Isaac G., California

I appreciated the care you placed in setting the layout for our invitation. It looked like a designer piece.
Avigail, Teaneck, New Jersey

I was amazed that you still had my older son's Bar Mitzvah invitation on file. It's been more than ten years since his Bar Mitzvah. It was a great help for us.
Dina L., New York

Your staff is a pleasure to work with. Everything is "no problem", "of course", or "you'll have it soon".
Leah Chana W., Spring Valley, New York

I wish I had heard about you sooner. This entire process has been such a pleasure.
Sholom, Seattle, Washington

Thanks tons for your expertise in helping us design our invitations. They are stunning!
Batsheva, Washington, D.C.

My son was unrelenting in wanting a very classy invitation. your staff managed to create a masterpiece for him on a shoestring budget. Thanks from the depths of our hearts.
Michal, Staten Island, New York

Somehow I couldn't visualize what you were explaining, so you took photos and emailed them to me! I was truly impressed with your kindness.
Libby, Michigan

After you set the entire composition for our invitations, my parents decided to change everything. I was so uncomfortable to call you, but you just said, "no problem".
Avrum, Connecticut

I was thinking that on a small budget, I couldn't get much of an invitation. But, the ones we ordered from you are fit for a five star wedding.
Naftali, Scanton, Pennsylvania

Everyone warned me that invitations are a big headace, but I've ordered here three times and received excellent service each time. It's been "smooth sailing" for me. Thanks so much.
Avigdor, California

We loved the smaller bordered card, but wanted to put loads of text on it. Your were brilliant in the way you reworded the text, and it all fit!
Tzipora, Beverly Hills

I love them! I love them! Thank you a million.
Elimelech, Virginia

I cannot thank you enough for stopping the presses when you noticed that our monogram is too thick. We redid it and our final printed product is a true "masterpiece".
Rivka and Yehuda Dov, Quebec

Thanks for all your guidance with the wording. We have a very delicate situation, and your staff had the knowledge and experience to make everyone happy.
Moshe, Florida

You were very helpful in helping me understand all the Hebrew words on your invitations. It really helped me be comfortable with the order I was placing.
Michelle, New York

Your website is so so helpful. I spent hours on it. There is so much to choose from and everything is absolutely gorgeous!
Devorah, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I'm so grateful to you for doing a search to find the font I wanted, even though it wasn't on your web site. The font adds so much personality to the overall design. I just love it!
Lillian B., Beverly Hills, CA

I loved the interaction with you staff. They kept me posted every step of the way.
Sara Leah, Five Towns, New York

Everyone in your place is just great. I was surprised to learn that ordering invitations could be exciting and real fun! Thanks loads!
Jonathan, Toronto

You must be kidding! Is that really my parents' invitation! They got married in 1989! I guess you are in this business a really long time.
Esther, Brooklyn, New York

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