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Turnaround Time
Custom Orders
Flat Printing

Rush Orders
Pricing Information

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What are your hours of operation

How do I figure out pricing for additional cards?
What if I want a layout that is not shown on your site?
Where can I view monograms?
What if I want a different monogram?
What if I have special instructions?
How will I be able to communicate with you once my order is placed?


Turnaround Time


How long will it take to process my invitation order?

A proof will be mailed or faxed to you 2-3 days after receipt of your order. Standard Invitations will be printed and shipped 7 - 10 working days after approval of proofs is received.

Custom invitations will be shipped 2-3 weeks after approval

Order will be expedited if affair is within 8 weeks of receipt of order.


How long will it take to process my thank you card order.

If they are ordered along with the invitation, they will ship together.

If they are ordered separately, they will ship in about 1 week.


How long will it take to process my bencher order?

Benchers with standard imprints will ship in 10 - 14 days. We will often ship faster if requested.

Benchers with a custom imprint will ship in 14 -21 days. We will often ship faster if necessary. However, if custom benchers are requested in less than 10 days an additional rush charge may apply.


How long will it take to process my yarmulka order?

Yarmulkas will ship between 2 and 3 weeks after receipt of order. If you need your order sooner, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.


Will I receive a proof on my invitation order?
A proof will be mailed or faxed to you 2-3 days after receipt of your order.

Can I make corrections on my proof?
There is no charge for corrections or changes on a proof.


Your order will be shipped UPS ground unless otherwise noted.

How much will shipping cost?
Your shipping cost will be calculated by the UPS rate, plus insurance. $6.50 will be added per box for handling.

Rush Orders

What if I need my order rushed?
Complete invitation orders can be processed and shipped within 48 hours - sometimes even faster.

Custom Orders

What if I want a customized invitation designed for me?

We are fully equipped to customize your invitation order. If you wish you can send us your design or you can order a design from one of our designers.

Invitations can be embossed, foil stamped and/or die cut. You can add insert sheets, backings, bows or tassels.


Can I have my envelopes lined?

Yes. Envelope liners are available in gold, silver, black, navy, brown, and pearl. Other colors are available on special order. The cost for liners is $88 per hundred. Please note, it is advisable to line inside envelopes that are ungummed. Ungummed envelopes are available for most sizes for .24 cents per envelope. When not using an inside envelope we recommend closing the envelope with a sticker. Gold and Silver stickers are available for $55.00 for 500 and $70 for 1,000. Clear Stickers are $80 for 500 and $135 for 1000.

Pricing information

What is included in the cost of my invitation?

  • Standard typesetting of Hebrew and English text for the invitation, reply set, and envelope flaps, unless otherwise noted.
  • Curved type in standard invitation text and format
  • Proofs of all printed items ordered
  • Fax of your proof

What may not be included in the cost of the invitation?

  • Custom monogram or professional recreation of your monogram.
  • Extensive copy that requires considerable additional time in processing. Please call if in doubt.


How do I pay for my order?

We recommend payment via credit card.

You can choose to pay as follows.
Choice 1: Send total payment with order.
Choice 2: Send a deposit of 33% with order, and balance in two additional payments.


Can I receive actual samples of the invitations I see on the website?

We will be happy to send you samples of any styles you wish.
Just call our store at 1-888-SIMCHOS (7462467) or email us at contact@invitations123.com

Flat Printing

Can I have my invitations printed in flat printing and save money?

Yes. However, on small orders the price difference is minimal.

Deduct the following costs from your invitation order when ordering flat printing.

For the first 100 invitations deduct:$18 for a 2 sided invitation or $9 for a one sided invitation (No cover design, ex. mock cover or large card).

For each additonal 50 invitations deduct: $8 for a 2 sided invitation or $4 for a one sided invitation.

For the first 100 envelope flaps deduct: No Deduction

For each additional 50 flaps deduct: $2

For the first 100 response sets deduct: $1.00

For each additional 50 response sets deduct: $6.00

For the first 100 "additional cards" deduct: $2

For each additional 50 "additional cards" deduct: $2

For the first 100 thank you cards deduct: $2

For each additional 50 thank you cards deduct: $2

(Be sure to indicate "PRINT FLAT" by special instructions on your order form.)

Error Messages

We recommend using only Microsoft IE browser. Using Firefox or Safari may give you an error message. If you do not have IE please use the printable form that can be faxed to 718-437-5313.

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday thru Thursday from 10 am - 6 pm EST.
Friday from 10:00am - 1:00pm.
Sunday from 12:00am - 5:00pm. (closed Sunday during July and August).
We are closed on all Hebrew holidays. Our office staff only is available on all Legal Holidays from 11:00am - 4:00pm.

At which hours can I use the Live Chat feature?

You are free to try any hours between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. If there is no response, and you would like to ask us something, feel free to use our extended hours phone line at 347-996-2845. If you prefer you can send us an email to contact@invitations123.com.

How do I figure out pricing for reply cards and other additional cards I may need?

As you scroll down on the ordering page, you will see "page 2". Simply click on all the items you wish to add and click continue. The following page will give you the option for indicating quantities. Click "continue" to view total cost.

What if I want a layout that is not shown on your site?

Feel free to use your imagination for any layout design you would like. Our typesetters will send you a proof for your approval. We will not print until you approve our proofs.

Where can I view monograms?

In the upper part of our web pages you will see a menu for choosing scripts, monograms, wording, ink colors and more. Click on Monograms. Then click on the category of interest, such as wedding, or bar mitzvah. To the right select your price range. Then click "view". You will see many designs. Feel free to adjust any design to your preference.

What if I want a different monogram?

Our talented artists are capable of unlimited design options. Feel free to suggest any idea you may have for us to create.

What if I have special instructions?

We are very adaptable to individual preferences. Simply indicate your wishes in our box for special instructions.

How will I be able to communicate with you once my order is placed?

Once you place your order, you will be assigned to a contact person. Feel free to call your contact person as often as you wish. The typesetters will set your copy, and fill all additional instructions in your order. You will receive a proof along with an order confirmation listing all the items in your order and their prices. We will not print until you approve both the proofs and the order confirmation.


Thankfully in the thirty years that we have been in business I rarely recall a cancellation. But my advisors have mentioned that a Cancellation Policy needs to be in place…. so here goes: If you would like to cancel your order please call or email us. Our work is billed based on the work we did and any paper stock or services we may have ordered especially for you. Your order form whether online, via email, or in person is our guide for completing the order as per your request.

In addition, you may call Mrs. Olewski, the shop supervisor, at any time during your order if you have questions, or David our manager, to see how your order is coming along.

We work closely with our customers on all orders, and are in touch with them in each stage of production.

If you have additional requests, such as, shipping you order to two different locations, do not hesitate to contact our helpful staff for assistance.

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